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The Virtual Communicator

IT WAS a wintry day of January, in a coldly-tempered land. On this island lived peculiar citizens whose main everyday whereabouts involved producing goods and getting back some credits for the hard work. Arnie was one of them. He was cultivating vegetables, in a greenhouse in the cold season, obviously. He would prepare and send a shipment whenever his plums were ready. But most often his daily production, which departed his ranch daily, did not fill all of the available space provided by the Raw Communicator. The Raw Communicator is the entity whose personhood solely involves delivering the production of a worker's goods to the markets, and bringing back the gained assets to the farmer. And because he was so raw, the Raw Communicator would not even care of visiting other folks after visiting Arnie. He would directly transit to the markets. Afterwards, he would visit Arnie's first neighbour, return to the market, and so on. Arnie, although being just a potent grower of greens