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Paperwork and learning about actors

Hello dear readers: During the last months or so, I have been writing my doctoral thesis (now at version 2.0.0 !). Now it is on my director's desk. I hope he likes what I wrote. I edited my thesis to implement the changes he requested. I look forward for my initial deposit. Aside from that, I formally applied for a postdoctoral appointment at Argonne National Laboratory ( requisition #  321236 MCS ). Indeed, I will start a postdoctoral appointment next year at Argonne National Laboratory . I am applying to get my own funding. I am submitting applications to these four programs (deadlines are in parentheses): Fonds de recherche du Québec, Postdoctoral research scholarship (B3)   (2013-10-02), Argonne National Laboratory Named Postdoctoral Fellowships (2013-10-15), Banting Postdoctoral Fellowships (2013-10-23), Canadian Institutes of Health Research Fellowship Awards (2013-11-15). I made a page with the deadlines because I like lists and backlogs. As a matter of fact, I

Debugging a MPI application is sometimes like finding a needle in a haystack

I am running some tests as usual before releasing a new version of Ray. This time, I will be releasing Ray 2.3.0. My job 10446216 on colosse (colossus in English) -- the supercomputer of Laval University operated by Calcul Québec (Compute Quebec in English) -- failed, and I did not know why. All the jobs that run on colosse are automatically profiled by a formidable array of tools. And the nice thing is that I don't need to do anything fancy to get these runtime profiles. All I need is my job identifier. With my job identifier, I then go to Below, the runtime report automatically generated for me by Calcul Québec is shown. The job was a 512-core job, running on 64 8-core machines. Just from the first figure, one can see that one of the machine crashed (the blue line). Such an event may be caused by a software bug in the software I used (in this case, a development version of Ray). Basically, for each machine,

My future postdoctoral appointment

Next year, I will begin a postdoctoral appointment at Argonne National Laboratory under the leadership of Professor Rick Stevens . Argonne National Laboratory has 3 Educational Programs for postdoctoral fellows: Argonne Named Postdoctoral Fellowships Director's Postdoctoral Fellowships Division Postdoctoral Appointments I suppose I will have a Division Postdoctoral Appointment. According to glassdoor , the average salary is $66,458 ! This will be an upgrade from my current $30,000 / yr scholarship from the Canadian Institutes for Health Research. Regardless, I will apply for these 3 postdoctoral fellowships: Program Organism Address Annual stipend ($ CAD) Annual research allowance ($ CAD) Maximum duration (years) Deadline Fellowships Canadian Institutes of Health Research