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My Bodyweight strength routine (September 2020 Update 2)

 Hello, In the last post , I presented a split routine that I was using at the time to develop bodyweight strength. Since then, I started reading the book Overcoming gravity, 2nd edition , by author Steven Low. This book recommends a full-body routine for my level:     " If you are a beginner or intermediate athlete -- as indicated by the strength           progression charts -- you should utilize a full-body routine with few exceptions." -- Steven Low, page 73, Chapter 7 - Constructing your workout routine, Overcoming gravity, 2nd edition , 598 pages,  ISBN-13 : 978-0990873853 . The progression charts of the book Overcoming gravity, 2nd edition, are available online as a standalone printable file. My new full-body routine is performed 3 times per week.   Goals * 1 strict pull-up * Better wrist mobility Warm-ups * Blood flow: squats * Mobility: do circles with joints Skill work * Wall handstand: 4 x 30s Strength work Pull * Vertical pull: Assisted pull-ups, 4 x 4, 3 minutes

My Weekly Bodyweight Fitness Training Program (September 2020 Update)

Hello, (You can skip the text and go straight to the program below.) Goal My goal is to do 1 strict pull-up. I am currently doing pull-ups by starting almost with my arms straight, but it is not strict form, since the arms are almost (but not fully) straight. So that's the goal. At least, I am not doing the swing pull-ups that CrossFit people do (kipping pullups or butterfly pull-ups). I started my training with this goal in mind on 2020-07-16 with the target date 2020-09-17. I got this idea of the pull-ups goal when I saw the older Jujimufu on YouTube. I was watching Jujimufu on in the early 2000s when he was less of a bodybuilder. He is a legend. I think that I will reach the 1 reps of a perfect strict-form pull-up around 2020-10-15. My program is pure bodyweight fitness training. I like it that way. It's fun and simple. Push Pull Legs (PPL) During July and August 2020, I was basically training every 2 days with pull and push exercises and no legs exerci