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The Spark Notebook from creator Kate Matsudaira

I received my Spark Notebook. What is the Spark Notebook, you may ask. The Spark Notebook combines form and function. The Spark Notebook project raised funding on Kickstarter too. The way I see it, the Spark Notebook is an agenda (a 6-month agenda) with additional features. These features include (from the guide ) the yearly planning pages, accomplishments, the monthly planning pages, the weekly planning pages, the inspiration pages, and the note pages. The monthly planning pages include something called the 30-day challenge. According to creator Kate Matsudaira, the 30-day challenge feature is useful to help start (or break) a habit . The Spark Notebook comes with a guide . On this website, some of the text is white with a background image which makes it hard to read. For example, consider the screenshot below. How did I learn about the existence of the Spark Notebook ? One of my hobbies consists in watching videos on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) YouTube channel. I