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On my way to the postdoctorate

Hey Internet, Change is always ongoing. Change is good. In evolution processes, it is typically a balance between compartmentalization processes and consolidation processes. On 10 April 2014 (THE planned date) , I will (hopefully) defend my thesis in front of a committee (sort of, the "judges" are called evaluators). In the previous sentence I added the word hopefully inside parentheses because technically, my university is still waiting for one thesis evaluation report (there is a total of 5 of them if you wonder). I submitted my thesis on 12 December 2013. My schedule is not too far off my initial 2010 planning , but it is. I am really looking forward to join Argonne National Laboratory to work at the CELS (Computing, Environment and  Life Sciences) directorate. Technically I will be with MCS (Mathematics and Computer Science), a division of CELS. But I prefer the meaning of CELS than the one of MCS. According to Peter B. Littlewood (the new director