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Ray on the Raspberry Pi

Jean-Francis Roy (Funtoo Core Team member) compiled and tested Ray on the Raspberry Pi.

The patch against Open-MPI 1.6.2 (based on this blog post):


Ray version: 2.1.0

RayPlatform 1.1.0


mpiexec -n 8 Ray \
 -test-network-only \
 -o \


# average and mode round trip latency in microseconds (10^-6 seconds) when requesting a reply for a message of 4000 bytes
# MessagePassingInterfaceRank    Name    ModeLatencyInMicroseconds    AverageLatencyInMicroseconds    NumberOfExchanges
# AverageForAllRanks: 1747
# StandardDeviation: 30.749
0    funtoo-pi    149    1775    1000
1    funtoo-pi    149    1734    1000
2    funtoo-pi    155    1798    1000
3    funtoo-pi    151    1779    1000
4    funtoo-pi    160    1738    1000
5    funtoo-pi    153    1706    1000
6    funtoo-pi    155    1717    1000
7    funtoo-pi    155    1729    1000

Programme des Séminaires de l’axe des maladies infectieuses et immunitaires du CHUQ

2012~2013Programme des Séminaires de l’axe des maladies infectieuses et immunitaires du CHUQTous les jeudis à 15 pm à l'amphithéâtre du Bloc T Responsable : Sachiko Sato, poste 48647 ______________________________________________________________________ 18 octobre 2102 Groupe de Jean Sévigny
Dr Jean Sévigny Le dernier membre de la famille des ectonucléotidases, La NTPDase8 - de son identité à la souris KO ______________________________________________________________________ 25 octobre 2012 Groupe de Denis Leclerc
Dr Denis Leclerc La papaye qui prévient, vaccine et traite les maladies infectieuses ou la papaye qui traite tous les maux ______________________________________________________________________ 1 novembre 2012 Dr Adnane Sellam Institut de Recherche en Immunologie et en Cancérologie (IRIC), Montréal
Régulation transcriptionnelle des processus infectieux de la levure polymorphique Candida albicans Invité par AMII _____________________________________________________________…

Message passing, MPI ranks, threads, and mini-ranks


The name's Sébastien Boisvert (Sebastian GreenWood in English).

It's been a while since my last significant post. That's because I was busy.

What I have been up to

I have been busy for the last 4 months (July, August, September, October 2012) with these major tasks:

- preparing a manuscript about scalable metagenomics;
- submitting (and resubmitting owing to editorial rejections) my manuscript;
- coding (Ray plugins, RayPlatform engine);
- participating to a 1-week workshop in Utah, U.S.A. in August 2012;
- visiting researchers at Argonne National Laboratory in October 2012;
- preparing the 2013 Compute Canada proposal for my director;
- helping with a Genome Canada grant application based on Ray plugins and RayPlatform;
- buying a new computer (my Samsung NP-NF210 lost some keys);
- working on a contract for the CLUMEQ super computing center(they are picky about confidential information).

Manuscript publication means more coding

I am about to submit my revised manuscr…