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My Bodyweight Fitness workout routine (October 2020 Update)

Hello,I bought rings. So my routine changed.I leveled up in two exercises:Regular Push-Ups 3x15 ----> Ring Push-Ups 3x8
Dips 3x12 ----> Ring Dips 3x5
My new complete routine, with the basic hierarchy based on the book  "Overcoming Gravity":

Duration: Takes around 2h30Frequency: 3 times / week
Goals1 strict pull-upBetter wrist mobility 
Warm-upBlood flowDeep squats 3x15
MobilityWrist circles 15x
Shoulder circles 15x
Positional drillsPlank 1x60sReverse plank 1x60sLeft side plank 1x30sRight side plank 1x30sHollow Hold 1x60sArch Hold 1x60sSkill workRing support hold:  3x60s
Wall handstand: 3x60s
Strength workPullRing Eccentric Pull-ups 3x5Ring Rows 3x8Leg-Assisted Tuck L-sit 3x60sPushRing Dips 3x5Ring Push-Ups 3x8Leg-Assisted Tuck Planche 3x60sLegsRing-Assisted Pistols 3x8
Lunges 3x10
Prehabilitation work, Flexibility work
Wrist flexibility

My 2 cents, as a LWN "professional hacker": Mercurial planning to transition away from SHA-1

LWN article:Mercurial planning to transition away from SHA-1 comment: of my comment:
My 2 cents, as a LWN "professional hacker":
Existing Mercurial users are using Mercurial with existing old-and-aging Mercurial repositories that use SHA-1.
At my job, we use Mercurial, because it is what it is.
Unless an existing repository can have both old SHA-1 hashes and $NEW-HASH hashes at the same time, I don't think that this is going to be a thing. Users just don't care.
You can think of Mercurial branches as Commit Namespaces rather than true branches as intended by CVS, Subversion, Git and really computer science in general. In Mercurial, each commit belongs to a Mercurial branch explicitly and forever. (The information of branch name is encoded in the data of a commit.) In Git, a commit does not contain in its data the branch name.
So, what did Mercurial do to fix that, in order to ad…