My Bodyweight Fitness workout routine (October 2020 Update)


I bought rings. So my routine changed.

I leveled up in two exercises:

Regular Push-Ups 3x15 ----> Ring Push-Ups 3x8

Dips 3x12 ----> Ring Dips 3x5

My new complete routine, with the basic hierarchy based on the book  "Overcoming Gravity":

Duration: Takes around 2h30

Frequency: 3 times / week

  • 1 strict pull-up
  • Better wrist mobility 
  • Blood flow
    • Deep squats 3x15
  • Mobility
    • Wrist circles 15x
    • Shoulder circles 15x
  • Positional drills
    • Plank 1x60s
    • Reverse plank 1x60s
    • Left side plank 1x30s
    • Right side plank 1x30s
    • Hollow Hold 1x60s
    • Arch Hold 1x60s
Skill work
  • Ring support hold:  3x60s
  • Wall handstand: 3x60s
Strength work
  • Pull
    • Ring Eccentric Pull-ups 3x5
    • Ring Rows 3x8
    • Leg-Assisted Tuck L-sit 3x60s
  • Push
    • Ring Dips 3x5
    • Ring Push-Ups 3x8
    • Leg-Assisted Tuck Planche 3x60s
  • Legs
    • Ring-Assisted Pistols 3x8
    • Lunges 3x10

Prehabilitation work, Flexibility work

  • Wrist flexibility



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