A survey of the burgeoning industry of cloud genomics

I like lists. Here is a list of companies in the cloud genomics industry.

Table 1: Companies acting in the industry of cloud genomics. The list is in no particular order.

GenoSpace, LLC
- GenoSpace platform
- John Quackenbush (CEO)
DNAnexus, Inc.
- DNAnexus Platform
- DNAnexus Platform SDK (a.k.a. dx-toolkit)
- Serafim Batzoglou (co-founder)
- Andreas Sundquist (co-founder and CTO)
- a bunch of other famous people in the field
Seven Bridges Genomics, Inc.
- IGOR Python SDK
- Igor Bogicevic (CTO)
Illumina, Inc.
- BaseSpace™
- BaseSpace API
- Alex Dickinson (SVP of Cloud Genomics)
- MG7
- CG7
- Raquel Tobes (CSO)

Some opinions:

Era7 and GenoSpace do not really have products that people can launch themselve using a platform. They are service companies I think.

In EasyGenomics, the customer can choose (top right-hand side) the region that is the nearest geographically. Choices are Hong Kong and Shenzhen.

It is strange to have igor in my team of every project in IGOR (a product of Seven Bridges Genomics, Inc.).

I tried DNAnexus and it’s my favorite so far. I even published an app (Ray).

It is actually fun to start an app in DNAnexus.

Illumina, Inc. should allow other sequencing vendors in their data warehouse.

Illumina, Inc. is mostly a monopoly in the DNA sequencing market. So BaseSpace (if it gains momentum at some point for analyzing data) is presumably a case of antithrust (Wikipedia, IMDb). Illumina, Inc. should also focus on native apps to provide a consistent user interface for consumers. Otherwise, I just feel like closing my web browser when BaseSpace redirects me to a third-party vendor.

If am not mistaken, all these products (except maybe EasyGenomics, I don't know)  use Amazon EC2 and/or Amazon S3.

Amazon EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud)  is used to compute stuff and Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service) to store stuff.

Other similar (but open) projects include Galaxy and GenomeSpace.

Micro-blogging accounts:

http://weibo.com/hibgi (12460 fans)
https://twitter.com/dnanexus (1550 followers)
https://twitter.com/sbgenomics (204 followers)
https://twitter.com/Era7bioinfo (140 followers)
https://twitter.com/genospace (125 followers)
https://twitter.com/basespace (13 followers)


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