First post

Hello to those reading this.

I updated my web site earlier today.

Recently I was amazed that my old blog is still available through some sort of creepy site whose purpose is to store forever blogs.

This old blog holds posts about Linux, my internships, my courses and thoughts. My friend Olivier once told me that he did read my blog in a recurrent manner. As I found that my old posts are still on Internet and as I enjoy writing about random things, I decided to start another blog, this time under the dskernel. dskernel stands for Distant Segments Kernel, that is my current research topic with collaborators at Université Laval. We aim to publish this work (soon enough) in the Bioinformatics journal. Talking about Research, I'll be starting off a master degree at Université Laval (see my web site). I'll be working on bioinformatics as it is the thing I enjoy the most in research. Of course, I will also be doing some nasty biology, such as genomics, transcriptomics and other *-omics.

As I said, my old blog is at the address.

This trimester I had ift603, bim606, bcm514 and bft600. I worked in the laboratory of Luc Gaudreau for my bioinformatics project (bft600). I am finishing my baccalaureate tomorrow (2008-04-23) at the Université de Sherbrooke. As for my 3 final tests, I think I did great in bim606 (Biologie moléculaire et cellulaire II). Moreover, I obtained the best score in the group in ift603 (Techniques d'apprentissage) which means I'll have a A+. However, this course is not in my degree so it's some sort of extra. Tomorrow I'll have my bcm514 test (Biochimie des protéines). I aim to have at least B in both bim606 and bcm514. As for ift603 and bft600, I think I'll get a A+ for both, which gives me a total of 11 A+ (if I counted correctly) for my B.Sc.. Amazing isn't it.

This summer, more precisely in August, I will be in Great Britain as a volunteer with Chantier Jeunesse. As for May, June and July, I have to decide soon either to work as a computational biologist or to relax for a while. Next, on thursday, my brother will help me to move all my stuff back in Québec.

This summer, I want to try to get on a "Long Board". I also want to figure out why the SVM soft-margin so-called objective function is quadratic and why is it trivial to find a solution, given a kernel matrix.

Upon completion of a baccalaureate in bioinformatics, I figured out that I have the most affinity with mathematics. Also, I have presented 2 conferences this trimester (in chronological order):

Club informatique - Noyaux et machines à vecteurs de support


Club informatique - Ruby on Rails, une architecture MVC facilitant le développement de systèmes d'information web

Finally, for the classic "new toys" section, I bought a eee PC (which I want to sell ASAP), a Quad-Core (for scientific purpose, like kernel matrix computation).


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