Daily scrums in bioinformatics research

Since I started my doctorate, I have been using the Scrum method for managing all of my doctoral projects (product packlogs, sprint backlogs, roadmaps, stuff like that).

This summer, we had an software engineering intern in our group. To manage the intern (he reported to me), I decided (before his arrival) that we were going to hold daily scrums. Daily scrums are timeboxed meetings that last a maximum of 15 minutes each day. And each day, the daily scrum must be held at the same location and at the same time in order to create an awesome habit in the group.

In such a meeting, three exciting questions are asked to everyone by a Scrum Master. On the 5th floor of our building, I am the Scrum Master, which means that I animate and regulate our scrum meetings. These three questions are (custom flavour):

1. What did you do yesterday ?
2. What will you do today ?
3. Do you have any roadblocks ?

So we (me, the intern, and other people on our floor) met everyday for the whole duration of the intern's stay in our group.

But we stopped after the intern's departure (I don't remember why exactly, but one of the reasons was that nobody was reporting directly to me after the intern's departure).

Today, I organized a daily scrum. After that, we collectively decided that scrum meetings were going to happen everyday at 09:15 on the fifth floor.

Great !


Unknown said…
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