A new beginning in computational geometry

It has certainly been a while since the last post was published on this blog.

At the beginning of year 2019, I somehow started to reflect on my career, where I was, and where I wanted to go in my journey. At the end of 2019, I decided to look for new opportunities, after spending more than 4 years doing software development in bioinformatics at Gydle.

I was mainly looking for a new job where the computational aspect that I liked would still be a thing. I wanted also a sizable team, in order to be in an environment with social interactions. I wanted a workplace that values great software development tools and best practices. Finally, I wanted something that was not totally disconnected from what I did so far in life. That thing I did so far in life is the frontier between biology and computer science.

On 13 January 2020, I started to work for Bodycad. Bodycad aims at "The Pursuit of Orthopaedic Perfection". In a nut shell, Bodycad designs and manufactures personalized patient-specific implants for Personalized Restorations™. It is part of what is called personalized medicine and precision medicine. Bodycad Founder and President is Jean Robichaud.

So, where do I fit in all of this ?

At Bodycad, I work in the Software Development department, which is headed by Vice-President Marc Bédard. The department has several teams. I am a member of the team CAD-core.

I work mainly on computational geometry aspects. Other aspects, like computer graphics, user interface, actual domain-specific parts and other important components, are handled by other teams.

So, I know well computational biology, where objects are the usual suspects: sequences of letters. But in computational geometry, objects are points, lines, vectors, matrices, faces, planes, volumes, and so on.

A long time ago, I completed a linear algebra and vectorial geometry course. I have the book Algèbre linéaire et géométrie vectorielle, 4e édition. And also I still have my book OpenGL superbible 3rd edition from back then (around 2005). Since I began at Bodycad, I started reading the book Computational Geometry - Algorithms and Applications too.

A great resource that I think is very useful is the series Essence of linear algebra by 3Blue1Brown on YouTube. I highly recommend it. This learning resource is very visual.

Another cool place to learn geometry is Geometry, Surfaces, Curves, Polyhedra written by Paul Bourke.


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