My 2022 Calisthenics split routine

Hey my fellow blog readers !

At the beginning of year 2022, I watched some YouTube videos from Tom Merrick, The Bodyweight Warrior. The video 3 Things I Wish I Knew When I Started made me think a lot.

Since I began my bodyweight journey in July 2020, I used a full-body routine, 3 times per week. As I became stronger, the volume of strength work became too high.

Watching videos from Tom Merrick convinced me to split my full body routine into a split routine. My new Calisthenics routine is a split routine. Splitting the routine allowed me to increase rest time between upper body workouts, and also to increase rest time between lower body workouts. It also allowed me to increase from 3 (full-body) workouts per week to 4 workouts (upper body, lower body + core, upper body, lower body + core) per week.

Here what my split routine looks like:

Wednesday: Upper Body Workout (1h15min)

Pair 1

  • Ring Pull-Up
  • Pseudo Planche Push-Up 

Pair 2

  • Tuck Assisted Victorian
  • Box Handstand Push-Up

Pair 3

  • Ring Row
  • Ring Dip

Pair 4

  • Wrist Prehab with 2.7 kg dumbbells
  • Shoulder Prehab with 2.7 kg dumbbells


Friday: Lower Body Workout (1h00min)

Pair 1

  • Nordic Hamstring Curl
  • Sissy Squat

Pair 2

  • Negative Nordic Hamstring Curl
  • Reverse Nordic

Pair 3

  • Hanging Bent-Knee Leg Raise
  • Floor Windshield Wiper

Pair 4

  • Neck Prehab
  • Ankle Prehab

Saturday: Upper Body Workout (1h15min)

same as Wednesday

Sunday: Lower Body Workout (1h00min)

same as Friday



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