Ray is a software robot

Text snippets below that are in bold font face are from Wikipedia.

According to Wikipedia, Ray

    "comes in two variants: a manned prototype version (...) and an    unmanned, computer-controlled version (...)."

This part means basically that our product can be launched in a interactive terminal (manned) or with a job scheduler using a job description (unmanned).

    "RAY differs from previous Metal Gears in that it is not a nuclear launch platform, but instead a weapon of conventional warfare."

Ray is a versatile software for conventional workflows, although it can also perform assembly from nuclear DNA (DNA from the nucleus of a cell).

    "The Metal Gear RAY is more organic in appearance and in function than previous models."

Ray is appealing both from its exterior look, but also in its design blueprints, and source code.

    "Its streamlined shape helps to deflect enemy fire and allows for greater maneuverability both on land and in water."

Ray can maneuver both in the cloud, on super computers, on laptops, on servers, and on toasters.

    "It also has a nervous-system-like network of conductive nanotubes, which connect the widely dispersed sensor systems and relay commands from the cockpit to the various parts of RAY's body, automatically bypassing damaged systems and rerouting to auxiliary systems when needed."

This part of the Wikipedia article is actually the one that I prefer. In that extract, it is acknowledged that Ray uses a sophisticated network to "relay commands" to "the various parts." This unmatched technology allows automatic rerouting of commands using a tailored system of relays. This system is the virtual communicator in Ray Platforn.

I recommend a video called "Are robots hurting job growth?" from CBSNEWS to learn more about software robots.

Finally, for those wondering why Ray performed so well on the Snake dataset in the Assemblathon 2 competition, it's because one of the purposes of Ray is to annihilate Solid Snake. According to Wikipedia:

    "When Solidus Snake took over Arsenal along with the slave RAYs, he had them confront Raiden, who destroys them all."

So now you know!

It should be stated that the "slave RAYS" receive "relay commands" from "the cockpit", which is actually the master Ray.

I sure hope that this highly technical and scientific post is as much educative (and entertaining) as I wanted it to be when I started it around one hour ago. The extensive external references contained herein will contribute to the upcoming popularity of this post.

Ray is free software (GPLv3); 
Ray Platform is free software (LGPLv3);
Ray Cloud Browser is free software (GPLv3).
Sébastien Boisvert
Principal Product Manager, Ray Genomics Software Suite
(that's obviously a self-proclaimed not-serious title -- I am a PhD student ;-))


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