Testing a Silver instance on IBM SmartCloud

IBM SmartCloud is free for 90 days.

My Silver instance runs Red Hat Enterprise Linux v5.4, has 4 cCPU has 8 GiB RAM, and 1060 GiB disk.

I can connect to my free-of-charge instance with the following command:

ssh -i ibmcloud_seb@boisvert.info_rsa idcuser@vhost0147.dc1.on.ca.compute.ihost.com

In the documentation, it says:

Open ports

  • 22 is the SSH port for the idcuser account
  • 523 is the DB2 Administration Server port
  • 50001 is the DB2 instance port for the db2inst1 user
  • 55001 is the DB2 Text Search port
  • 60000:60003 are the DPF ports for the FCM protocol
Warning: Every additional port is a potential security risk.

I usually like my port 80 when it's opened.

Another thing that I don't like is that there is no vim (the editor).

[idcuser@vhost0147 conf]$ vim
-bash: vim: command not found

And you can not install it either.

[idcuser@vhost0147 conf]$ sudo yum install -y vim
Loaded plugins: rhnplugin, security
This system is not registered with RHN.
RHN support will be disabled.
Setting up Install Process
No package vim available.
Nothing to do

Anyway, IBM SmartCloud is cool regardless because it's in the cloud, right.

So I just told Apache httpd to use the port 55001 (DB2-related, but not in use).

Now I have a nice web server with 8 GiB RAM, 4 vCPUs, and 1 TiB disk.


I created these two CNAME entries that point right to this instance:




So I have these two nice addresses too:



Now, let's deploy Ray Cloud Browser on that.

(To be continued)

Update 2013-02-20:

Ray Cloud Browser is now deployed in IBM SmartCloud:



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